The following and herein guidelines set the details of the cookies policy as adopted by  website (the “Website”; “We”; “Us”) in connection with the gathering and dissemination of information (“Cookies Policy”). In this Cookies Policy whenever We refer to “you” or “yours”’, the intention is to all visitors and/or users who make use of our Service (as defined below).

Website uses cookies (small text files containing a string of alphanumeric characters stored in your computer by your Browser while visiting the Website) and other similar tracking technologies (like web beacons, pixels, tags and scripts) to uniquely identify visitors’ and/or users’ browser and to gather information about how visitor and/or user interact with the Website and Service (as defined below), including for interest-based advertising. This information is mainly used for the following purposes: (i) assisting visitor and/or user in navigation; and (ii) assisting in registration, login and the ability to provide feedback; and (iii) analyzing the use of products, services or applications; and (iv) assisting with promotional and marketing efforts (including behavioral advertising). Some of website service providers, affiliates, sub-contractors, advertising agencies or brokers, marketers and affiliates, business partners, etc. (herein: “Third Parties”), may also use such technologies in connection with the services they perform on our behalf.

The Cookies, by themselves, do not tell Us about your personally identifiable information unless you choose to provide this information to Us (by, for example, registering for one of our services). However, once you choose to furnish the Website with your personally identifiable information, this information may be linked to the data stored in the cookie.

Website collects and/or uses cookies through: (1) Website operated by Us and/or by our authorized Third Parties, from which you are accessing this Cookies Policy, including the Website; (2) through the software and/or mobile applications that may be made available by Us and/or by our authorized Third Parties, for use on or through computers and/or mobile devices (the “Apps”). Collectively, We refer to the Website and the Apps, as the “Service”. By using the Services, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Cookies Policy. Please read this Cookies Policy carefully.

A. Cookies’ Categories

The following categories of cookies are used for our Website and/or Service:

  1. Session Cookies. These cookies are stored only temporarily during a browsing session and are deleted from your device when you close the browser. We use Session Cookies to support the functionality of the Websites and to understand your use of the Website and/or Service, for example which pages you visit, which links you use and how long you stay on each page.
    1. Essential Cookies. These cookies are necessary for the operation of the Website and, for example, enable a user to log-in and enjoy member benefits (if applicable).
    1. Functional Cookies. We use Functional Cookies to save your settings on the Website – settings such as your currency preference when using the Website and/or other Service. We also use Functional Cookies to store data so that you can easily find it the next time you visit the Website and/or the Service. We also may use “Flash Cookies” for some of our animated content.
    1. Persistent Cookies. These cookies are not deleted when you close your browser but are saved on your device for a fixed period or until you delete them. Each time you visit the Websites, the server that set the cookie will recognize the persistent cookie saved on your device. We and others use Persistent Cookies to store your preferences, so that they are available for your next visit, for example if you already logged into our Website and/or Service, these cookies will skip the log-in when you visit our Website and/or Service again.
    1. Targeting and advertising Cookies. These cookies are used to collect information from you to help Us to improve our products and/or services as well as serve you with targeted advertisements that we believe will be relevant to you. We use targeting cookies on our Website and/or Service for various marketing initiatives and campaigns. We also may use some Analytics Cookies (see below) and other technologies to facilitate advertising.
    1. Analytics Cookies. These cookies collect information about your use of the Website and/or Service, and enable Us to improve the way it works. These Analytics Cookies give Us aggregated information that We use to monitor site performance, count page visits, spot technical errors, see how users reach the Website and/or Service, and measure the effectiveness of advertising and targeted ads.

B.  Sharing Information

We will disclose contact and/or billing information (if applicable) to Third Parties only as described in our Privacy Policy and/or this Cookies Policy:

  1. With your express permission;
    1. With our partners and/or affiliates, which include entities controlling, controlled by, or under common control with Us;
    1. Where We contract with Third Parties to provide certain services, such as advertising, analytics, data management services, web hosting, publishers and web development (“Service Providers”). We ask Service Providers to confirm that their privacy and security practices are consistent with ours, We provide our Service Providers with only the information necessary for them to perform the services We request, and Service Providers are prohibited from using such information for purposes other than as specified by Us;
    1. In the event that We will be merged, sold, or in the event of a transfer of some or all of our assets (including in bankruptcy), or in the event of another corporate change, We may disclose or transfer information in connection with such transaction;
    1. Where We believe it is necessary to protect the Websites and/or the Online Services or its users; to enforce our terms or the legal rights of Us or of others; or to comply with a request from governmental authorities, legal process, or other legal obligations;
    1. We may also share and disclose other information that We collect, including aggregate information, as We consider necessary to develop and provide our services, including in the ways described herein and/or in our Privacy Policy; and
    1. We may also be required to disclose information in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

C. Third Party Cookies:

  1. Google cookies. Google analytics cookie are used to collect information about how visitors use our Websites and/or Online Services. We use the information to compile reports and to help improve our Websites and/or Online Services. These cookies collect information in an anonymous form, for example determine the number of visitors, where the visitors have come to the Websites and/or Online Services from and what buttons the visitor clicked. To read Google’s privacy policy in respect of Google Analytics click here to opt out of Google analytics click here. Google cookies also include Google Ads 360 cookies for marketing, advertising and remarketing these enable to recognize visitors on the Websites of our advertising partners and to address them with interest-related information or ads. To find out about Googles Ads 360 cookies click here.
    1. Facebook cookies. These cookies are used for interest-based advertising meaning ads you might like to see based on your activity on websites off of Facebook. These cookies collect information from your Websites’ visit and enables promoting you ads through Facebook platforms. To read more about interest-based ads from Facebook click here. To unsubscribe from Facebook’s interest-based ads, please follow Facebook’s instructions here. More information about Facebook’s privacy policy can be found here in the Facebook Privacy Policy.
    1. Bing cookies. Bing cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our Websites and/or Online Services for marketing, advertising, remarketing purposes these cookies enable to recognize visitors on the websites of our advertising partners and to address them with interest-related information or ads. To read more about Microsoft/Bing privacy click here.

D. Browser Settings

Different web browsers provide varying degrees of control over your browser’s cookies, session storage and local storage. You can change your browser settings, or if necessary, change to a different browser, to automatically prevent cookies from being stored. If you are concerned about online tracking you can also change your settings to send a “Do-Not-Track” signal to request website not to use cookies or other mechanisms to track you, or you can install a browser extension, such as Disconnect, to block third party tracking cookies on our Websites. However, please note that certain features of our Websites may not work if you delete or disable cookies.

E. Contact Us

On any further questions regarding the data Website collects, or how it uses it, you are welcomed to contact Us by email at [email protected].